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Ethical Fashion Days (2008)




Scenography of the 1st ethical fashion design event in Geneva.

october 17th to 19th, 2008


In autumn 2008, DareDo realised the scenography of the first swiss edition of the Ethical Fashion Days. The event was organised by Lausanne based Association Nice Future and it took place in Geneva on october 17 to 19. It presented all along the week-end several brands, services, conferences and activities related to ethical creation. DareDo was asked to design the following spaces on a total surface of 1400 m2: 35 boutiques (fashion, accessories and cosmetics), 2 competitions exhibits (fashion and jewellery), 1 lounge area, 1 “trik and trok” service (clothes barter), an information desk and an outdoor space. The collective also animated a creative workshop for the youngsters.



Press release (F)

Partner: Nice Future (organisator)







Scenography + Building

Dino Salvatico
Sven Tugwell

Raphaël von Allmen
Alexandre Zuntini


Creative workshops for kids

Boris Wiasmitinow


Mathieu Berthoud

Jean-Philippe Bonzon

Olivier Bürgisser (Life Goods)

Maximilien von Allmen