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Hacking IKEA (2008)




Collection Domestic Sport + short film "Parcours VIKEA".

«Domestic Sport» was carried out by collective DAREDO in september 2008. It revisits the environment  of domestic sport by diverting some IKEA products in a collection of objects and a short movie.


The collection «Domestic Sport» groups a series of ten accessories referring to sport at home. Created out of IKEA existing products, these objects explore an area somewhere between domestic furniture and fitness accessories. They offer a simple, warm and playful vision of sport at home.


The movie «Parcours Vikea»  describes an imaginary fitness service at the shop. With some humor, the movie questions the primary function of the shop (buy / sell) while opposing it another way of experiencing the supermarket: i.e. by using it as a fitness course. What if going to the supermarket was a true leisure activity ?...



Press Release (E)

Partner: Platform 21 (NL)






Film director

Eugène Dyson

Original idea + actors

Sven Tugwell

Raphaël von Allmen
Alexandre Zuntini


Special Thanks

Mathieu Berthoud

IKEA ;-)





Adrien Moreillon


Collection of objects "DOMESTIC SPORT "





Dino Salvatico
Sven Tugwell

Raphaël von Allmen
Alexandre Zuntini


Sophie Huguenot

Special Thanks

Atelier A6

Hélène Chabloz

Mélanie Chabloz

Suzie Zuntini