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On the Road Again (2006)




Redesign of Swiss Federal Railway ashtrays

In december 2005, the swiss federal railway banned smoking from all swiss trains. This decision implied for 50’000 ashtrays to be removed from the trains and returned to the furnace to be remelted. Interested to see an everyday object suddenly lose its purpose because of a political measure, Daredo decided to react by rescuing some objects in order to give them a second life. Under a common theme called “on the road again”, the collective created a series of 10 playful but strong reinterpretations of the initial ashtray. The project was presented in june 2007 in Lausanne, Geneva and Neuchatel during the event Art’Gare’07.





Jean-Philippe Bonzon


Alexandre Zuntini

Smal Train

Dino Salvatico

Mini Bin

Sven Tugwell


Gaële Girault

Old Boy

Raphaël von Allmen


Boris Wiasmitinow


Exhibition at Art'Gare 07




Exhibition stand during the event Art'Gare 2007.


The collective Daredo exhibited the project "On the road again" during several days in the main trainstation halls of Lausanne, Geneva and Neuchâtel.


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Partners: Art'Gare 07, AXA Winterthur