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La Reconquête (2009)




Intervention on a wooden fence in Lausanne.

For the event Lausanne Jardins 2009, collective DAREDO was asked to intervene on the fence facing the ruins of "bâtiment Perregaux" in Lausanne. The exercise consisted in creating some grafic animation related to nature, while allowing the audience to discover throughout the summer the images projected on the building by Sophie Huguenot et Javier Bareiro (the authors of the project).


Event: Lausanne Jardins 2009







"la Reconquête"

A project by Sophie Huguenot et Javier Bareiro


Fence Intervention

Mathieu Berthoud

Gaële Girault
Dino Salvatico
Sven Tugwell

Raphaël von Allmen (chef de projet)


with long-distance help from

Jean-Philippe Bonzon
Alexandre Zuntini